Masterplanning doesn’t come from a spreadsheet or a powerpoint deck. For KLINGMANN, it’s an adventurous journey. 

The user experience is at the center of our design process. That’s how we create environments that invigorate the senses and the body while fostering exploratory quests and social interaction.

A relationship between multiple disciplines and cultures is a driving force in all of KLINGMANN’s work. This is demonstrated through the company’s history of combining strategic planning with creative design processes, where urban design, branding, placemaking, lifestyle, landscape and architecture are all considered together, from the earliest stages possible.  

Likewise, we have a long-standing culture of collaborating with people from different countries and backgrounds who consistently imbue our design process with innovative ideas and methods. 








Urban Planning
Market Research
Site Assessment
Land Use Analysis
Statutory planning
Strategic planning
Project feasibility
Contract Administration

Urban Development
Market Study
Sites & Opportunities
Highest & Best Use
Target Market
Zoning Analysis
Environmental Analysis
Budgeting Value Engineering

Urban Design
Preparation of Proposals
Public Consultation
Program Mix
Master Planning
Transportation Design
Project management

Connectivity & Public Realm
Contextual Standards & Guidelines
Streetscapes, Parks & Plazas
Design of Activities & Events
Interactive Features
Market-Real Plans & Strategies
Implementation Readiness