Residential community with 2411 apartments, integrated retail, leisure and entertainment facilities overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  

KLINGMANN provided a feasibility study and masterplan for this pedestrian-oriented mixed-use community, which sits on top of a lovely hillside just outside of Beirut. The design follows the natural slope with a series of stepped apartment complexes, which offer their residents a spectacular view of the surrounding area. Crowning the top of the hill is a family entertainment center that includes a Cineplex, a variety of sports facilities, a hypermarket, and a boutique mall. 


LOCATION: Beirut, Lebanon
SITE AREA: 224,913 m2
Built-up Area: 538.217 m2
PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Strategy, Master Planning, Feasibility
PROJECT TYPE: Mixed-Use: Retail, Entertainment, Civic, Residential, Leisure
CLIENT: Worldwide Trading & Investment Group