KLINGMANN’s landscape design was inspired by Arabic calligraphy, outlining a cosmic theme with sculptures, pavilions and landscaping. 

The flow of water over gentle cascades and rippling fountains is used to narrate the development of civilization from its primitive beginnings in the golden age of nature. Planting, sculpture, and iconography illustrate this story of culture evolving out of nature. The garden combines natural features and geometric forms in a series of artificial landforms, waterways, bridges, and sculptures. Along the water’s edge, people can sit under white orchid trees on benches or stroll along the Zen-garden like pathways. Attractions include a lake surrounded by a sculpted landscape composed of myriad landscape attractions, which include the Universe Cascade, the Wave Gate, the Spiral Mound and an undulating path, bordered by small groupings of silk trees and sculptures. Plants and flowers each stimulate a particular sense, and fountains animate the various sections of the garden. The Event Area features an earthwork amphitheater shaded by groups of indigenous trees. Ascending steps overlook a great lawn with a small outdoor stage that can be used for music and theater events. 


Site AREA: 120.000 m2
PROJECT SCOPE:  Landscape Design, Signage, Wayfinding Systems, Street Furniture
CLIENT: Wasl Asset Management Group / Dubai Real Estate Corporation