KLINGMANN collaborated with The Seventh Art, New York on the theming and brand development of a large-scale luxury resort destination on 50 natural islands.

Located in a lagoon that stretches over 200 kilometers of unspoiled coastline and just a few miles from one of the most diverse Saudi nature reserves and dormant volcanoes of Harrat Al-Rahat, the Red Sea Project will be designed as a blissful coastal island retreat. Set against a backdrop of the ancient ruins at Mada’in Saleh, the project will form an archipelago that is home to environmentally protected coral reefs, mangroves and endangered marine species. In line with Vision 2030, it will diversify Saudi tourism offerings to create a year-round hospitality sector while promoting cultural conservation and economic stimulation. The Red Sea will serve as an expansive wellness destination while setting new standards for sustainable development and environmental protection.  Completion of the project’s first phase is anticipated by the last quarter of 2022 to include development of hotels, luxury residential units and all logistical infrastructure such as air, land and sea transport hubs. 


LOCATION: Umlaj and Al-Wajh, Saudi Arabia
SITE AREA: 34.000 km
PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Positioning & Theme Development
PROJECT TYPE: Mixed-Use: Residential, Entertainment, Hospitality
CLIENT: PIF / Collaboration with The Seventh Art, New York