KLINGMANN launched a multi-level initiative to restore and adaptively reuse traditional mud villages in southwestern Saudi Arabia. 

KLINGMANN conducted a comprehensive pro-bono project in Saudi Arabia to preserve the unique architectural heritage of Asir’s abandoned mud and stone villages for future generations. While phases 1 & 2 were dedicated to raising awareness to the existing condition of Asiri Villages with a series of workshops, exhibitions and events, Phase 3 was dedicated to the mission of rebuilding them with advanced sustainable technologies. As a pioneer project, KLINGMANN transformed one abandoned village in the Abha region of Asir into a multi-sensorial art installation animated by projections, color and sound. With this project, the team raised awareness to the beauty of historical Asiri villages nationally and internationally and investigated sustainable modes of reuse that would reinvent this important heritage for the 21st century. Sponsored by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage & DAH. 

COLLABORATORS: Abdullah Hammas, (Artist), Hend Al Mansour, (Artist KSA), Manal Al, Dowayan, (Artist KSA), Shadia Alem, (Artist KSA), Abdullah Thabit, (Poet & Writer KSA), Abdulnasser Gharem, (Artist KSA), Arwa Al Naemi, (Artist KSA), Abdu Arishi , (Artist KSA), Mohamed Ali Shrahili, (Artist KSA), Abdul Majeed Al Sheri, (Artist KSA), Ibrahim Al-Almaiy, Yahya Bishri, (Fashion Designer), Dana Awartani, (Artist KSA), Zafarana Al Asiri, (Local Painter), Hebeba Al Asiri, (Local Painter), Keharah Al Shri, (Local Painter), Anne KatrineSenstad,(Multidisciplinary Artist), Thierry Mauger, (Ethno-photographer), Ahmed Abo-Dahman, (Writer KSA), Saleh Abo-Amrah, (Comedian Actor KSA), Faris Thakfan, (Chief of Qatani tribe), Ali Magawi, (Asir Heritage Expert and Writer),Ahmed Niazi, (Asir Heritage Expert and Collector)


LOCATION: Abha,  Saudi Arabia
PROJECT SCOPE: Feasibility Studies, Exhibitions, Symposia, Workshops.
PROJECT TYPE:  Urban revitalization and Reuse
CLIENT:  Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage