KLINGMANN collaborated with Michael Sorkin Studio on the branding and masterplan report for a leisure destination to be launched around the celebrated Camel Festival. 

An event attended by two million people over a month’s time in one place is a city. The Camel Festival of today is a temporary town, something between a settlement and an encampment: intensely active and crowded and then gone. How to both house this singular spectacle and extend its aura—its vibe—over the course of the entire year? Camel City is conceived as a large-scale family destination with a mix of cultural and leisure activities to attract both repeated visits and long stays. Each visitor will be able to proportion his or her experience that offers a unique mix of culture and indolence, of adventure and learning. With the camel as its true muse, this will be a place like nowhere else. 


LOCATION: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Built-up AREA: 1.725.581 m2
PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Positioning & Theme Development
PROJECT TYPE: Mixed-Use: Entertainment, Hospitality, Cultural, Sports
CLIENT: PIF / Collaboration with with Michael Sorkin Studio, New York