KLINGMANN was commissioned to design the Zheijang Energy Headquarter in Hangzhou. 

The design team’s objective was to create an environmentally sustainable and user-friendly building while optimizing the allowable floor area for administration and labs. An atrium, a three-story tall indoor garden, and a sunken courtyard, all fitted with a double-layered facade, allow daylight into the building and encourage productive interactions amongst employees while reducing demand on mechanical ventilation. During the heating season, the air cavity between the double-layer façade acts as a thermal buffer. Warm air is returned to the central plant via risers for heat recovery while fresh air is supplied from the raised floor system. During the summer months, the louvers allow for an effective cross ventilation of the building. In the interior, flexible partitions have been used to reduce material waste and to maximize flexibility.


LOCATION: Hangzhou, China
SITE AREA: 51,094 m2
BUILT UP AREA: 20.461 m2
PROJECT SCOPE: Architecture, Landscape Design
PROJECT TYPE: Office and Lab Building
CLIENT: Zhejiang Energy Company